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Public Safety Office

The Public Safety Office (PSO) offers security and access resources to the University communities at Crete, Lincoln and Omaha in order to support the responsible actions of students, employees and guests in a collaborative effort to provide for a safe campus.

Lines of Effort:
   1.  Communication - PSO provides connectivity to all offices on campus on a 24/7 basis.  We can assist in connecting you with the right resource.  Prior to and during an emergency, our office manages and operates the campus emergency alert system.
   2.  Reporting - PSO is responsible for the public crime log and all reporting requirements related to the Clery Act.  We also track related incidents across all campuses, which assists us in providing data-informed knowledge to the campus.
   3.  Access Management - PSO is responsible for access management at campus.  Our office manages manual keys as well as keyless access. Our objective is to provided controlled and convenient access for approved community members.

How can I find help?

At Doane University we provide several options for community members to find assistance.  Please see this link for resources, or contact us at (402) 826-8669 or

Assistance and Support


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Employee Training:
- Basic Campus Safety

Contact Information (24/7):
- Call (402) 826-8669
- Email: 

New Students

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Building Captains Program

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