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Thumbs Up Submissions

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May 2022

Chris Brady

"Chris is a true asset to Doane University, both as faculty and as staff. He is always willing to go above and beyond for his students and the Doane community as a whole. Chris has a unique ability to bring out the best in each of his students and create an engaging learning environment. The "Battle of Doaneland" that Chris created and organized for his Military History class with Doane Leadership participation is one example this. Chris's ingenuity, innovation, and dedication to Doane is inspiring." - Alaina Popp

Denise Ellis

"Denise has been so incredibly helpful in helping me develop a new curriculum that my note cannot express it all.  She always makes herself available, even at the last minute on multiple occasions, to help out and be supportive.  She is extremely patient, humble, thoughtful, and above all, helpful.  I'm not sure how I could have added entrepreneurship to our course lineup without her constant guidance and assistance.  Thank you for being who you are and illustrating Doane University's values of inclusion, integrity, innovation, and transformation." - AJ Chauradia

Julianna Grabianowski

"Dr. G is an excellent academic advisor. But more than that she graciously and generously gives significant amount of time to helping international students navigate the intricacies of course work, work experience and important regulations that must be met to maintain academic status at Doane University. She is tenacious in finding answers and patient when solving problems and answering questions." - Kathleen Zumpfe

Ted Jedlicka

" It is a privilege to work with Ted about the various events happening around campus! He is a joy to be around and is always ready to drop what he is doing to help. We are fortunate to have him at Doane!" - Arianne Stuhr

Jackie Sears

"Recently, Jackie and Quinn assisted me with an important mailing.  I think they dropped everything they were already doing and got it sent.  Many thanks to Jackie and Quinn!" - Cody Vance

Patty Stehlik

"Patty always has a smile in her voice-what a great way to start a telephone conversation! When I have a question for the folks in the Registrar's Office, Patty does her very best to help with an accurate answer. If she doesn't know the answer, she finds someone who does. She makes my life better and my day brighter-every single interaction! Thank you Patty!" - Kathleen Zumpfe

Quinn Stryker

"Quinn and Jackie assisted me with a recent mailing that needed to be sent ASAP.  Quinn stated, "We'll get this done for you!"  Special thanks to Quinn and Jackie." - Cody Vance

Jerri Van Horn

"Jerri has taken the lead on our partnership with LAUNCH Leadership and put in significant hours to organizing our approach. Jerri is driven to make sure Doane always puts its best foot forward and works hard to make sure we representing ourselves well." - Quinton Geis

Carolyn Wieland

Carolyn Wieland's ability to remain balanced and dependable during team transitions is impressive! When processing applications, there are sometimes errors in our systems that need to be solved. Carolyn is incredible at seeing those errors and solving them intuitively without being asked. I am so grateful to have Carolyn's skill set at Doane University! Thank you, Carolyn! Emily Yokel