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Informal Recognition Ideas

Person to Person:

It is important to understand what rewards are motivating to each person. Everyone feels appreciated in different ways. Below are some examples of person to person recognition.

  • Say "Thank you"
  • Write a thank you - note, email, e-cards, sticky notes, etc...
  • Send flowers or balloons
  • Give chocolates, candy or other foods
  • Provide development opportunities -  professional training and development, special projects or job specific activities
  • Create special awards for those whose actions are "behind the scenes"
  • Recognize employees who are involved in serving their communities in which they live and work
  • When you hear positive feedback from someone, repeat it to that person as soon as possible
  • Greet people by name, smile and shake their hands
  • Send letters of thanks to people at their homes
  • Send candy awards: "You are on a roll" (Attach Tootsie Rolls); "You're a life saver!" (Attach a package of Lifesavers); "This team has big ideas!" (Attach a package of Whoppers.)
  • Treat an employee to lunch


Recognition in a group

Accomplishments by individuals or by teams can be recognized in many different ways. Below are some examples of group recognition.

  • Recognizing individual or team accomplishments in front of others
  • Provide food for the entire department or team (donuts, ice cream, pizza, lunch, etc.)
  • Celebrate special events, such as: birthdays, baby or wedding showers
  • Hold a department or team retreat
  • Establish a "place" to post memos, recognizing progress towards goals
  • Send a thank you letter to team members at the end of a goal
  • Create a recognition banner or sign and hang it in the department