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"Living Doane" Recognition Program

When you see a faculty or staff member living the mission and values you can recognize them through the "Living Doane" Employee Recognition Program.



To create a program that recognizes exemplary work performance and achievement by faculty and staff who are dedicated to the mission and values of Doane University.

This program is not meant to replace the faculty evaluation process as described in the faculty handbook, but to recognize faculty who achieve the mission in and outside the classroom.


Make a Nomination

It's quick and easy to recognize someone through the online nomination form. Once submitted, your nomination will instantly appear on the "Living Doane" web page. In addition, the person you nominate will receive an email that notifies them that they have been recognized.

These nominations will be reviewed in March each year by the Employee Recognition Committee and 10 people will be selected who have demonstrated the mission and values of Doane University. These 10 people will be recognized during our Annual Awards Ceremony.


Nominate Someone for Living Doane

Living Doane Q & A's


The idea came from the Gallup's employee recognition program and book by Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D., "How Full is Your Bucket?" According to Clifton, each of us has an invisible bucket. The more positive feedback we receive from others the fuller our bucket becomes, which provides us with a positive outlook and renewed energy. Our buckets also become fuller when we provide positive feedback to others. Negative feedback produces the opposite affect and can empty our buckets, which zaps our energy and undermines our will. The "Living Doane" program uses the raindrops to symbolize the idea of filling others and our own invisible buckets.

Who is eligible to participate?

All full-time and part-time Faculty and Staff are eligible to be nominated for the recognition and to receive the Annual Awards. Student employees are not eligible.

Is there a Length of Service requirement? 

There is not a length of service requirement to be nominated for recognition and to receive the Annual Awards.

How many times can an employee be nominated?

There are no limits on the amount of times an employee can be recognized through the formal recognition program or receive the Annual Awards.

Are the members of the Recognition Committee eligible to participate in these programs?

Yes, Recognition Committee members are eligible to receive formal recognition through the program; however they will not be allowed to be a voting member of the committee if they are being considered for one of the Annual Awards.