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Funding Report

Recent Major Federal Awards to Doane University

*Indicates a sponsored progect in collaboration with M&Q
Total: $7,275,733

Agency Program Campus PD/PI Award Period Award
DoEd TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Renewal Grant* Anita Harkins 2020-2025 $1,637,800
NIH Nebraska INBRE Renewal Grant - subaward from UNMC Brett Schofield 2021-2026 $367,410
NIH Nebraska INBRE Developmental Research Project Program - subaward from UNMC Brett Schofield 2020-2025 $329,190
NIH Renovation Projet Funds - subaward from UNMC (INBRE Renewal Grant) Chris Huber 2020-2021 $124,695
NSF International Research Experience for Students (IRES)* Sharmin Sikich 2020-2023 $300,000
NEH Humanities Connections Implemation Grant: Emphasis in Intergrated Humanities Program* Kathleen Hanggi (CoPD Brad Johnson) 2020-2023 $100,000
DoJ Grants to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus Program* (Continuation) Luis Sotelo 2019-2022 $249,998
NSF CyberTraining: Pilot: Center for Computing in the Liberal Arts Institutional Merger System (CCLAIMS)* Mark Meysenburg 2019-2021 $299,997
NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, Track 1 Scholarships & Stipends, Phase 1* Linda Kalbach; CoPIs: Rod Diercks and Sharmin Sikich 2018-2023 $1,999,773
NSF Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) - subaward from Iowa State University Sharmin Sikich 2016-2021 $107,993
NSF RII Track 1: Center for Root and Rhizobioe Innovation (CRRI) - subaward from Nebraska EPSCoR Tessa Durham Brooks and Erin Doyle 2016-2021 $931,258
NSF Scholarships for Students in STEM (S-STEM)* Ramesh Laungani 2015-2021 $607,539
NSF Plant Genome Research Project - subaward from Cornell University Erin Doyle 2015-2021 $220,080

Recent Small Federal and Foundations, Grants, and Major Donor Contributions and Endowments

Total Active: $222,500

Agency, Foundation, or Individual Program Campus PD/PI Award Period Award
Tensor Foundation and the Mathematical Association of America Tensor Women in Mathematics Program: Girls Engaged with Mathematics (GEMs) Margaret Watts 2021-2022* delayed due to COVID-19 $6,000
IFYC 2020 Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence Leah Rediger 2020-2021 $5,000 + travel
Council of Independent Colleges Humanities Research for the Public Good (Connecting with Communities through Undergraduate Research) Kim Jarvis, Pedro Maligo 2020-2021* delayed due to COVID-19 $10,000
Nebraska Department of Labor Workplace Grants: Nebraska Develops Laboratory* Majority of funds to Don't Panic Labs; subaward to Doane for services Don't Panic Labs; Alec Engebretson 2020 $77,156*
Private Donor George and Susan Haddix Faculty and Student Research Fund N/A 2018-2023 $125,000
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Robert L. Poly Lectureship on Race and Social Justice Endowment N/A Towards Endowment $25,000
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors - Seaward Fund Robert L. Polk Lectureship on Race and Social Justice Endowment N/A Towards Endowment $25,000

Recent Submitted/Pending Proposals and Foundation Requests

Total Pending: $1,448,315

Agency Program Campus PD/PI Award Period Award
NSF IUSE: HER Track 1 Engaged Student Learning, Level 2 DIVAS Alliance Tessa Durham Brooks CoPI: Raychelle Burks (American University); Erin Doyle and Mark Meysenburg 2021-2024 $600,000
NSF Collaborative Research: REU Site: Scientific Computing for Imaging and Visualizations (SCI-Vis) REU Program Tessa Durham Brooks (Collaborative proposal with lead institution American University) 2021-2024 $203,315
NIH NIGMS Sponsored Programs Administration Development (SPAD) Program* PD: Sarah Zulkoski PI: Pedro Maligo 2021-2024 $600,000