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HLC Comprehensive Evaluation for Reaffirmation 2021

Doane University is scheduled to undergo a comprehensive evaluation as part of the requirements set forth by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  This process will involve the creation of the assurance argument and a site visit on November 15-16, 2021, to show we are in compliance with the Criteria for Accrediation and a federal compliance review. Doane has created the Assurance Argument to demonstrate how we meet the criteria.



Assurance Argument

  • Assurance Argument (all 35,000 words). The linked documents in the argument will NOT access the linked evidence. 

Please send all questions to Kris Williams ( 


In order to facilate the creation of the assurance argument and site vist, the following people were chosen as Champions for certain criteria. 



  • Kris Williams, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Criterion 1 Champion(s)
  • Luis Sotelo, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Criterion 2 Champion(s)
  • Jayne Germer, Learning & E-resources Librarian, Associate Professor of Practice in Library Science
Criterion 3 Champion(s)
  • Lucas Kellison, Undergrad Faculty Coordinator W/ Rank of Assist Prof of Practice   
  • J.L. Vertin, Associate Professor of Practice, Co-director CETL
Criterion 4 Champion(s)
  • Megan Failor, Dean of Students
  • Quint Geis, Director of Leadership, Career & Service   
  • Chris Huber, Assistant Professor Chemistry, Chair of Assessment Committee,
Criterion 5 Champion(s)
  • Derek Bierman, Chief Information Officer
Federal Compliance
  • Kris Williams, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Denise Ellis, Registrar



Spring 2020
  • Assemble team of HLC Champions          
  • Conduct training on Criteria
Summer 2020
  • Develop framework for assurance argument
Fall 2020
  • Finalize draft of argument          
  • Review with HLC Champions
Winter 2021
  • Revise argument based on feedback          
  • Solicit evidence based on Champions' feedback
Spring 2021
  • Revise argument based on feedback          
  • Champions review argument and expand the review team
  • Link evidence in the assurance system
Summer 2021
  • Solicit feedback from Doane Community, Cabinet, Board
  • Revise argument based on feedback
Fall 2021
  • Hold sessions regarding upcoming visit
  • Finalize assurance argument: October 13, 2021          
  • Campus visit: November 15,16, 2021