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Student Outcomes

Post-Graduation Placement

The undergraduate student success rate for the class of 2023-2024 (employed, enrolled in continuing education, participating in a volunteer program, or serving in the military) remains strong at 67.6%, for those reporting, at the time of graduation. The success rate for the class of 2022-2023 at 12 months after graduation is 91.1%. (Compare to national average of 85.7% at 6-months after graduation for 2021-2022 from NACE). For more details, see the following reports:


Retention and Graduation Rates

The document below gives the rates of retention and graduation for first-year, first-time, full-time students enrolled at Doane University. 

Graduation by Programs

A visual representation of the number of graduates by program and number of minors is available.

The following tables give the number of degrees conferred (graduates) for each program at Doane University by year. 

Licensure and Certification