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IRB Human Subjects Application


Include their Institutional Affiliations if other than Doane University
Expedited review of this proposal may be appropriate if the research participants (RPs) are exposed to research involving no more than minimal risk, or if you are making minor modifications to a previously approved study.
The purpose statement should be approximately 4 to 8 sentences.


If the pool of RPs is deliberately restricted to a specific population (e.g., only women, only those with a specific disability, only those of a specific ethnicity, etc.), explain why the restriction is appropriate. Specify an approximate number of participants sought.
Provide enough detail so that a person outside the research team could make an informed judgment regarding the ethical nature of the study. a) What will participants be asked to do and how long will the procedure take? b) Will any deception be used in the study? If yes, please describe the nature of the deception and why you believe it is necessary. c) Will there be a post-study debriefing offered to participants? If not, explain why not.
a) Who will have access to individual participant responses? b) Will any identifying information be collected during the study, or reported in future publications or presentations of the data? Such information may include medical history, DNA records, psychological or physical diagnoses, or any other individuating information that could potentially be damaging to the participant if it was disclosed to anyone outside the project.
Describe any physical, psychological, or financial risks to the research participants. How will these risks be minimized?
Describe potential benefits of the study for either the participants or society as a whole.