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Planning Student Events

Are you planning a special event, activity, or meeting here at Doane? To ensure the best possible service and success for your upcoming event or meeting, here are a few reminders and guidelines to follow:

1. Contact Spencer Munson with basic info for guidance. Email: Phone: 402-826-8271. If this is a Greek Life event please also include Eden Diehl in the communication. Email: Phone: 402-826-8405.

2. Develop a budget and marketing plan for the event.  

3. Reserve space and resources (audio visual, room setup, doors unlocked, etc.) for meetings or events complete this:

    Student event space and resource request form.

4. Fill out a Risk Assessment Form A Student Affairs Risk Assessment Form should be filled out for ALL events that your organization hosts throughout the year including, but not limited to, community service/philanthropy, academic programs, personal/professional development, social events/functions, events with your alumni, fundraisers, etc. 

5. Get marketing materials approved. Please email the poster as a PNG or JPG file format to with the email subject “Poster Approval Request”.

The Division of Student Affairs and Event Services are here to help plan your event, and we work closely with IT, Custodial, Registrar, Dining Services, and Public Safety on your behalf to organize these resources.

Reservation Request Deadlines: 

MAJOR ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT 75 days prior to event

  • Any event that occurs in a major venue (Heckman, Conservatory, Ed/Art 236-242, Fuhrer or Haddix Arenas, etc) and has a contracted performer, speaker, dance/arts, competitions, concert, alcohol, inflatables, etc.
  • Over 100 people in attendance, minors as participants, ticket sales, or dance/arts
  • Special setup/production support (for lights, sound, power, video, etc) needed

COMPLEX/INTERMEDIATE EVENT 45 days prior to event

  • Any event that occurs in a major venue and has performer, speaker, alcohol, inflatables, or special set up needs.
  • 50-100 people in attendance
  • Special setup/production support (for lights, sound, power, video, etc) needed

 STANDARD EVENT 14 days prior to event

  • Any event that does not require additional support or a complex setup
  • 50 or less people in attendance.
  • Space and resource reservations (tables, chairs, podium, etc).
  • Set up and operation of audio visual equipment as well as sound checks.
  • Ensure doors are unlocked and parking is reserved.
  • Catering needs.


  • 24 hours in advance minimum, but 48 hours is preferred if special setup (tech, tables, etc) is needed
  • 2 hour notice if no special setup is needed and can use room as is.

The Student Affairs Office must approve ALL potential Flier/poster postings. Approved fliers and posters will receive an approval stamp. This stamp must be on all copies of displayed fliers/posters. It is strongly recommended that you wait for this approval before making copies. For approval requests, please email the poster as a PNG or JPG file format to with the email subject “Poster Approval Request”. Full Posting Policy.

Email Spencer Munson or Deb Sherard in the Student Affairs Office or call at (402) 826-8111 to learn how they can assist you with marketing your event.

Does your event include provisions such as food, snacks, or beverages? It is mandatory that all food orders for campus events be placed through Fresh Ideas. Fresh Ideas has first-right-of-refusal for supplying meals and snacks at all Doane campuses. Any external food items, such as pizza, donuts, snacks, or drinks, are prohibited unless approved by Fresh Ideas. The Fresh Ideas team is highly cooperative and will collaborate with the entire event planning team to ensure the culinary success of your event. For further information, please consult the Fresh Ideas Catering Guide and Pricing List or contact them directly at

Want to have alcohol at your events? No alcoholic beverages may be served or provided at any event unless approved by the Office of Campus Engagement and the host organization complies with the protocols below. 

  • At an approved on-campus or off-campus event, licensed third party vendors are required for alcohol service and are the only parties allowed to serve and distribute alcoholic beverages at an event to students.
  • Students must be of legal drinking age, with proof of a valid ID, and third party vendors must provide designated wristbands to identify minors and "of age" event participants. ALL attendees must wear a wristband. 
  • All contracts for vendors must be approved and signed by the Office of Campus Engagement. 
  • More information regarding Doane’s social policy can be found in the Student Handbook Section 3.03.

Want to host a BIG event or feature speakers and entertainment? Big events often require additional resources such as technology, intricate set ups, and staff - some of which may be outside of what we are able to reasonably provide. For events that require a contract agreement, extensive set up or technology, or multiple spaces and resource reservations, please start your planning process EARLY by scheduling a meeting with Spencer Munson at least 60 to 90 days prior to the event start date. Spencer’s office is in Perry 132 located on the lower level of the Perry Campus Center. His phone number is 402-826-8271.

If your event has a participatory activity such as a bounce-house, mechanical bull, team or individual sport, or other physical activity, please have all participants fill out and sign this document and keep it on file.

Other helpful links:

Student Leader Handbook

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Our professional staff is here to help! Let us know if you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to helping to make student events, activities, and meetings at Doane smooth, easy, and successful!