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Election Information


  1. The general election will be held in the latter part of the spring semester to elect the President, Vice President, and senators-at-large for the following school year.
  2. The President shall appoint an Election Committee to determine the eligibility of candidates; to draw up the official ballot for the elections; to be responsible for conducting the elections; and to publish the results of the elections. The Vice President shall chair the Election Committee.
  3. The election of freshman senators will be held after four (4) weeks of school have elapsed in the fall semester.
  4. All candidates for positions on the Congress must meet the qualifications for the position as described in this constitution.
  5. Senators elected at-large shall achieve office through the following procedure:
  6. By presenting his/her name before the Election Committee two weeks before the primary election.
  7. A primary election will take place if necessary to reduce the field of candidates.
  8. From the candidates successfully completing the above procedure, the ten at-large candidates will be determined in the general election. Those ten candidates receiving the most votes in the general election will be seated as the incoming senators to the Student Congress.

Freshman senators shall be elected by these procedures:

  1. A freshman student wishing to run shall present his/her name to the Election Committee by completing a form with at least twenty signatures, two days before the election.
  2. The three candidates receiving the most votes in a vote by the freshman class will be seated at senators in the Congress.
  3. The Election Committee shall hold a meeting with the freshman candidates on the evening applications are due to inform them as to the election procedure and responsibilities of Student Congress senators.
  4. In the event of a tie ballot vote, the presiding representative of Student Congress have the power to act upon the matter by consent of a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Congress where upon discretion of the matter is entirely up to the representatives. The preferred method to resolve a tie vote shall be a run-off election of the candidates who tied. Tied candidates must agree to participate in the election. The Congress cannot personally accept one candidate over the other(s).
  5. Throughout the duration of election hours for Student Congress Representatives, no advertisements or publications of any kind shall be allowed to exist on or near the immediate premises of the voting booth. Violation of the previous decree gives the Student Congress and its representatives the power to relocate the publications and or advertisements.