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What is AFSP? 

  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a non-profit health organization that supports and brings hope to those affected by suicide. From the donations received at their events such as Campus and Community Walks, the AFSP funds research on the topic of suicide prevention. Additionally, the AFSP advocates for policy changes regarding mental health.  

How does our campus participate? 

  • Doane students are extremely passionate about mental health. Since May 2022, Doane has been working closely to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health, not only for the Doane community, but the Crete community as well! At the Campus Walk in May, Doane raised over $5,000 for the AFSP! This semester, the AFSP will be working together with Doane for 150 Fest in the Crete community, as well as the Colors for Hope event


AFSP home page

Colors for Hope event page