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Applying for Financial Aid

To Apply for Financial Aid

  1. Complete the admissions application
  2. For any program-specific requirements, contact the enrollment team via the information below
  3. Complete or update the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Doane's Title IV code is 002544. It is in the students best interest to complete and turn in the application to the Financial Aid Office after filing income taxes
  4. For Students in Lincoln, Omaha and Online ONLY!
    Complete the Financial Aid Application/Questionnaire, and return any forms required to the Financial Aid Office. (You must be an applicant to file your financial aid questionnaire)
  5. Students may continue to search for scholarships or grants they may be eligible for through local or professional organizations.
  6. Once these steps are completed, our Financial Aid Office will send an Award Notification package. This package will contain an outline of the financial aid available. As funds are limited, preference goes to students who file FAFSA earlier. Students are required to accept their award within two weeks of notification, and pay the $200 deposit (if not already paid)- Crete Students Only), if not, funds will be reassigned to other applicants.

Accepting Financial Aid

Visit the Federal Student Aid website to learn more about your options, and make an informed decision.