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Office of Strategic Marketing

The Office of Strategic Marketing works to build, strengthen and enhance Doane’s reputation as a nationally-recognized liberal arts college and to effectively communicate that Doane is an exceptional institution of higher education.

Our goal of promoting Doane is achieved through cross-department collaboration, innovative marketing strategies, dynamic and vibrant design and photography work, and a consistent Web presence. We are responsible for helping the Doane community communicate with one voice; across our campuses, on a state, national and worldwide level - in support of the University’s mission, values, and strategic plan. We are committed to building, promoting and furthering Doane University’s distinct brand while offering superior quality and service for the entire Doane community.

We provide overarching support to all departments and publicize stories which showcase the remarkable achievements Doane’s students, alumni, faculty, and staff through traditional and digital news and media.

We pride ourselves on our creative, cost-effective solutions for the university.

Office of Strategic Marketing Staff

Crystal Hollmann, Director of Marketing

Crystal Hollmann - Director of Marketing

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Jeff Beckenbach, Senior Art Director and Brand Manager

Jeff Beckenbach - Senior Art Director and Brand Manager

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Andrew Petersen, Senior Graphic Designer

Andrew Petersen - Senior Graphic Designer

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Liz McCue, Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations

Liz McCue - Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations

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Sara Hinds, Copywriter

Sara Hinds - Copywriter

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Haylee Carpenter, Project Manager

Haylee Carpenter - Project Manager

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