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Transfer Information - Guides and Equivalencies

Use the Transfer Equivalency System (TES Database) to see how your college-level work may transfer to Doane University. This guide can assist you during the admission and advising process. It is updated often and subject to change as catalogs, curriculum, and courses change. Final course transferability is determined by the Registrar.

If you do not see your college on the list, but it is regionally accredited, we may still accept your transfer credit. Please contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

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Articulation Agreements

General Transfer Guidelines

  1. Only grades C- or higher are brought in for transfer credit.
  2. Doane accepts a maximum of 90 semester hours in transfer credit.
  3. If a student has completed an associate degree, diploma, or professional certificate at a two-year college, a maximum of 60 semester credits are accepted in transfer. 
  4. If a student did not complete a professional competency (noted above) course are evaluated individually. In this evaluation a maximum of six semester credits are accepted in transfer for courses not normally offered at a four-year accredited college or university.
  5. Transfer credits are posted without a grade. Credits are not included in the Doane University grade point average calculations, but do count toward the total credits required for graduation.
  6. Doane awards credits in semester hours. Quarter credits are converted to semester credits at a 2/3 rate. Example a 4.5Q = 3S or 6Q = 4S
  7. Doane requires that the previous institution(s) be accredited by one of the regional accrediting associations: Higher Learning Commission, New England, Middle States, Northwest, Southern, or Western (WASC). Credit from unaccredited institutions is not accepted. However, in some instances, credit from special purpose institutions (e.g. Bible Colleges accredited by the American Association of Bible Colleges) is accepted.
Quarter Semester
 0.5  0.33
 1.0  0.67
 1.5  1.00
 2.0  1.33
 2.5  1.67
 3.0  2.00
 3.5  2.33
 4.0  2.67
 4.5  3.00
 5.0  3.33
 5.5  3.67
 6.0  4.00
 6.5  4.33
 7.0  4.67
 7.5  5.00
 8.0  5.33
 8.5  5.67
 9.0  6.00
 9.5  6.33
 10.0  6.67
 10.5  7.00
 11.0  7.33
 11.5  7.67
 12.0  8.00