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FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. How can I get a transcript?
  2. How can I get an unofficial transcript?  Unofficial transcripts are available for current students on Self-Service.
  3. How soon are official transcripts mailed out?  Official transcripts are mailed out 2-3 days after the request is received.
  4. Does a transcript cost anything? $5.25-$7.00
  5. What is my GPA? GPA information is available for current students on Self-Service under Grades or Unofficial Transcript.  GPA information is also available on the Official Transcript.  For information on how GPA's are calculated click here.
  6. When will my transfer credit be evaluated and posted?  Transfer credits are evaluated at time of admission.  Transfer credit is posted for Crete students once students are pre-registered.  Doane Lincoln students transfer credit is posted once their first term is complete.
  7. When are grades posted?  This information is posted on the Academic Calendar.
  8. How do I get my grades?  Grades are posted on Self-Service.  Grade reports are not mailed.
  9. How do I submit a copy of my grades to my employer for reimbursement?  Most employers accept the Self-Service print out of grades.  Doane, like many other area institutions, don't print paper grade mailers anymore so employers are used to the online grade print out.
  10. How do I update my address or name?  Visit the Self-Service page to update your information.
  11. How do I log into Self-Service?  Click on Self-Service and use your Doane credentials to login.
  12. When is the last day to drop?  This information is posted on the Academic Calendar.
  13. When is registration?  This information is posted on the Academic Calendar.
  14. What is FERPA?  FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law designed to protect you.  It outlines who Doane can share your information with, and what rights you have as a student to your academic records.


BA - Bachelor of Arts
BO - Business Office
BS - Bachelor of Science
BU - Butler Gymnasium, Crete
CM - Communications Center, Crete
COA - Cost of Attendance
CON - Whitcome Lee Conservatory, Crete
COU- Master of Arts in Counseling Building, Lincoln
DA - Degree Audit/Program Evaluation
EA - Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building, Crete
EFC - Estimated Family Contribution
FA - Financial Aid
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FBC - Fred D. Brown Center, Lincoln
FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FH- Fuhrer Field House, Crete
GA - Gaylord Hall, Crete
GPA - Grade Point Average
GR - Graduate
HDX - George & Sally Haddix Recreation and Athletic Center, Crete
IP - In-Progress
LI - Lied Science and Mathematics Building, Crete
L5K - 5000 Building, Lincoln
MA - Master of Arts
MAC - Master of Arts in Counseling
MIL - Master of Arts in Leadership
MED - Master of Education
PC - Perry Campus Center, Crete
PJ - Professional Judgment
SAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress
TBA - To Be Announced
UG - Undergraduate