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Our Services

Online Course Design & Development

The OES instructional design services provides guidance in course design and development using an evidence-based approach. The instructional design team stays on the cutting edge of the instructional design field, working to incorporate the right strategies and technologies to enhance student engagement. Whether you want to improve an existing course, solve a puzzling instructional problem, or build a new course from scratch, the OES instructional design team is here to help.

LMS Assistance

Doane's Learning Management System (LMS) is Canvas. All Canvas issues experienced by faculty and students are resolved by OES staff through support of the Service Center ticketing system.


Online Education Services provides training in course development. Our approach is evidence-based and focused on student success and engagement. We also offer training in the delivery of online courses, including effective use of the Learning Management System; developing instructor presence; increasing engagement, interaction, and community; and fostering intrinsic motivation.


OES offers a full array of Canvas training videos. These videos demonstrate how to do specific Canvas tasks as well as addressing the "why" behind how one should approach these tasks. Find the recordings of past training sessions here.

Technology Tools

Online Education Services is available to help you with your online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced ground course needs. We are aware that you want the best experiences for your students and that is why we are available to help you find the right tool that will work for your students, your course, and you. Check out Teaching Tools and Technology: Things to Consider to learn more. 

Evidence-based Online Education Best Practices

The OES instructional design and technology evidence-based practice incorporates current research findings into the design and development of online courses. This research helps OES utilize these current and cutting-edge practices in the decisions towards more sound and engaging formats for today’s learners.

Copyright/Fair Use

Doane faculty, students, and staff are all required to adhere to Copyright and Fair Use policies defined on the Doane Library's website. Click here to review these policies.