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Office of Online Education Services

Doane University has made significant strides in expanding its reach into the realms of digitally enabled and supported teaching and learning. The Office of Online Educational Services (OES) assists in articulating an overarching vision, putting into action a progressive plan for supporting online and innovative education at Doane, ensuring that the associated efforts align with the University’s mission, values, and operational requirements.

Online Educational Services is responsible for building and maintaining a demand-based portfolio of online products. The OES team works with internal and external partners to identify sustainable market opportunities in the online space and aligns internal program capacity to fill those market needs, providing an additional diverse revenue stream for Doane University.


Academic Excellence
  • Academic Expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Enhancing Doane's Reputation
Quality Assurance
  • Learning Analytics 
  • Data-Driven Engagement 
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Enhancing the Learning Experience
  • More than just Technology
  • Constant Course Evolution
  • Strategic Foresight