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Important COVID-19 Information

For all University updates and resources regarding COVID-19, please visit


Where can I find the Doane Emergency Manual?
Doane University's Safety Office utilizes the Crisis Manager app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store) as a resource for everyone in the Doane community to have vital safety information at their fingertips at all times.  

  • For Doane students or employees, your Doane email address has already been added to the appropriate safety plan. If you open the app, it will automatically download that plan for you.
  • For Doane parents, if you would like to have the Parent Safety Guide, please email We can then add you to that plan and once that is completed, it will automatically download when you open the app.

How do I sign up for the campus emergency alert system (Omnilert)?  (All Campuses)
All employees and students are automatically signed up for our emergency alert system each semester.  To change your emergency contact information please contact the following:
- Employees: Contact the Human Resources Office at 
- Students: Contact the Registrar's Office at 

Does your campus have keyless entry?  Yes! (Crete campus only)
Where can you use your keyless entry card on campus?  Find out here.
The Safety Office manages all building access permissions, so if your card is not working on the pad, you can call 402.826.8669 or visit the Safety Office on the top level of Padour Walker. 

Where do I obtain a student or employee ID Card? (Crete campus only)
New students will receive their ID cards in the welcome packet on move in day from the process completed at Enrollment Days. If your ID is not in your welcome packet, pay us a visit on the top level of Padour Walker.  If you ever lose your ID card or it is not working, you can call 402.826.8669 or visit the Safety Office on the top level of Padour Walker.

How do I register a vehicle at Doane? (Crete campus only)
To register your vehicle on campus, please send a picture of your vehicle registration and insurance to