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Safety and Contacts

Office of International Programs

Parents and students can contact the International Programs Office should an emergency arise. For parents, the International Office offers a point of contact should families need to contact their child. For students, the office acts as an authority in a position to help should any issues and emergencies arise while they are on campus.

Point of Contact:

Tim Burge
Director of International Programs


Emergency Contact

Doane University values our students' safety and security. We have put methods in place to contact students and parents, in an effort to remain aware should an emergency on campus arise. The Doane Office of International Programs provides resources and emergency contact information in case a student's family needs to be contacted. 

Public Safety Office 

The Doane Public Safety Office provides multiple ways for parents and students to report emergencies and other matters of concern for campus safety. Please contact us at (402) 826-8669 or

Doane Campus Emergency Alert System

  • Doane utilizes Omnilert for our emergency alerts.  We can utilize this system to contact you via voice, text, email or social media.  Doane utilizes an "opt-out" program.  This means all students and employees are loaded into the system to ensure campus-wide notification is required.  Students and employees must contact the Public Safety Office and request to be removed from the emergency alert system.