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Technology Orientation

Technology Orientation

Welcome to Doane! We're so glad you're here! Technology will be an important aspect of your journey. The purpose of this page is to familiarize you with the technology services at Doane University. Please note, you will need to complete the New User Setup if you have not already done so.

Let's Get Started:

To setup your Doane account profile:

Go to Under “Password Reset” section, click on Go to Reset Tool. Enter your Doane Username and click continue. Select Authenticate with E-mail and choose the non-Doane e-mail listed and click Send Pin. When you receive your PIN CODE enter it the in space provided and continue. You will now select 4 challenge questions and answers. The next step will ask you to create a new password for your Doane Account. Please follow the requirements listed and click reset, making sure you get green checkmarks for both your Doane Account and Doane Gmail.

Note: Should you decide to change your password, you will need to use Under the “Password Reset” section, click on Go to Reset Tool. Enter your Doane Username and click continue. Select Authenticate with Challenge Questions and type in the answers you provided. You will create a new password on the next screen.


Your password must meet following criteria:

  • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
  • Lowercase letters (a-z)
  • Numeric characters (0-9)
  • Non-alphabetic character (ie. !, $, #, %, *)


Doane User Name:

Your key to most university resources is your Doane Log In. It consists of two parts: your username and a password. Your username should be formatted as firstname.lastname (e.g. thomas.doane) and in some cases, a number (e.g. thomas.doane1234). If you have questions about your username, please contact the Service Center for assistance. Passwords will be established through an authentication process. If you have not completed this process, you should visit this page to access the New User Setup Tool: 

Doane ReAct Password Management Tool 

Your Doane username and password will be required to access the following student resources:

  • Doane Gmail - Doane University uses Gmail for student email. Students are required to submit all work through Canvas or Gmail to ensure proper verification of their identity.
  • Canvas - Online courses will be delivered through Canvas
  • Webadvisor - System used for payment and billing, schedules, grades, transcripts, etc.
  • Doane Library Database - Online library for student research and citation assistance.
  • Computer Lab Access - Doane students are welcome to use on-site technology including computers and printers at our Crete, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses.
  • Manage your Account - changing or resetting your password will automatically update all accounts that require your Doane credentials.

For security reasons, you should change your password regularly. If you've forgotten your password or would like to change it, you can reset it here: Doane ReAct Password Management Tool .

Gmail - Activation and Use

Your account must be activated with Doane ReAct Password Management Tool before you are allowed to access your Doane Gmail account. Your Doane Gmail is your main source for contact with faculty and staff. You will also receive important updates through your Doane email like our student newsletter, weather-related closures, events, and more! Make sure to check this email frequently so you don't miss any important details!


In order to access your student information, you will need to log in to Self-Service using your Doane username and password. Your financial information will be accessible here, including bill viewing and payment and financial aid information. Self-Service also houses academic information, including course registration, course schedule, dropping and adding courses, and viewing a student's academic profile. This is also where you will view grades, find transcript evaluations, and order your official transcripts. Feel free to log into your account and take a look around to become more familiar.


Doane uses Canvas for all online coursework. Canvas is a virtual learning environment and course management system that allows faculty to add resources for students to access online. We've created a collection of Canvas resources to introduce online students to the ins and outs of Canvas success at Doane University: Canvas Resources


Keeping you technologically in the know is what we do! Be sure to check out our How to Resource Page for video tutorials, helpful links, and more!

The Service Center / Technology Assistance

For technical assistance, please contact the Service Center:

Protect your account with 2-Step Verification

With 2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication), you add an extra layer of security to your account in case your password is stolen. After you set up 2-Step Verification, you’ll sign in to your account in two steps using:

  • Something you know, like your password
  • Something you have, like your phone

Turn on 2-Step Verification

  1. Open two-step enrollment verification.
  2. In the lower right, select Get Started.
  3. Sign in with your Doane email address.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps.

Your account,, is associated with your work or school. If you can’t set up 2-Step Verification, contact the Service Center.

Verify it’s you with a second step

After you turn on 2-Step Verification, you’ll need to complete a second step to verify it’s you when you sign in. To help protect your account, Google will request that you complete a specific second step.