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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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The mission of Doane University's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is to provide university-wide leadership for the professional development of our faculty. CETL programming supports student-centered education, inclusive strategies, and reflective teaching practices aimed at continuous improvement of student learning. CETL initiatives support mentoring and scholarship among faculty to foster community and collaboration. 

The Doane Difference 

Professional Development: 

  • CETL provides opportunities for faculty to increase their own pedagogical and scholarly knowledge.
  • Through orientation, roundtable discussions, workshops, and faculty seminars, CETL offers faculty information, presentations, and resources to support and improve instructional skills.
  • CETL promotes research-based study that fosters academic engagement, learning, and success for all students. 

Comprehensive Mentoring: 

  • At CETL, we promote Doane's reflective culture of innovative teaching, active involvement, and scholarly pursuits by using a comprehensive approach to mentoring faculty; from their arrival and throughout their career.
  • Through cohort luncheons, portfolio development workshops, roundtable discussions, and one-on-one consultations, CETL supports faculty in an ongoing, flexible manner that is responsive to individual needs. 

Community & Collaboration:

  • CETL values interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty and seeks to further its mission through a variety of events that foster communication and a sense of community.
  • Through monthly faculty seminars, a yearly Faculty Appreciation Week, and an Open Classroom initiative, CETL provides institutional and informal opportunities for faculty to learn from one another. 

Mentoring Services

Early-Career Mentoring: We regularly engage our faculty through their first three years at Doane University to help them be successful and thrive as teachers and scholars.

Informal Social Gatherings: Periodic faculty happy hours and lunches are an ideal time for colleagues to gather for support from their community.

Mentoring Faculty Women: Lunches hosted for faculty women provides a community of practice, and discussion of topics of concern. 

Individual Consultations: Our directors provide individual consultations to faculty members as needed. For more information or to book a consultation, faculty members may email, any of the CETL directors or click the following link: CETL Consultation Request Form

JL Vertin, Associate Professor of Practice/LAR Coordinator

JL Vertin - Associate Professor of Practice/LAR Coordinator

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Kate Marley, Professor

Kate Marley - Professor

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Jared List, Associate Professor

Jared List - Associate Professor

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