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Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)

Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)


Preparing for a health career is an interdisciplinary activity. Students need strong preparation in the sciences, excellent communication skills, and a demonstrated interest in service. Pulling together all the pieces required for success in a healthcare requires advice and expertise from many sources. In addition to an academic advisor, students advised by the Health Professions Advisory Committee will work with faculty, the College to Career Center, and the Health and Medical Occupations Club to help plan coursework, find shadowing and internship experiences, develop skills for taking entrance exams, and find information on the best professional programs for each student.


Students who meet the minimum requirements for successful application to professional school can earn a certificate for pre-health preparation from the committee.  These minimum requirements include taking pre-requisite courses toward a particular health profession (see below), maintaining a competitive GPA, and building all the areas of your electronic portfolio (see section below).  

Unlike most pre-health programs, the Health Professions Advisory Committee will not try to pigeonhole you into a particular major.  While some majors naturally include many of the pre-requisites for professional schools, you may really be interested in exploring additional discipline.  We strongly urge you to do this!  

Our certificate program recognizes your hard work in preparing for application to professional school and gives you the freedom to choose a major based on your personal interests.  Just ask medical professionals you shadow or meet and you'll start to learn that many of them were History or English majors, even farmers or business owners before they became interested in medicine.  

Professional schools want applicants who know themselves and are passionate about pursuing their interests.  So whether you end up graduating with a degree in Biology, Business, or Psychology, you will have the freedom to explore your passions as a learner while still demonstrating your excellent preparation for professional school. 

Health Professions Advisory Committee Advisors

Dane Bowder - Assistant Professor

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David Clevette - Professor

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Tessa Durham Brooks - Associate Professor

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Heather Lambert - Professor

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Kate Marley - Professor

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Greg Seier - Director of HHP, Associate Professor of Practice

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Rebecca Sprouse - Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice

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