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Biology Department

The goal of the Doane Biology Department is to foster student development of a strong foundation of biological concepts grounded in critical thinking and experiential learning.

As a Doane biology major, you will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of foundational biological concepts and experimental design
  • Enhance written and oral communication skills
  • Apply biological knowledge to real-world problems in the field and laboratory
  • Learn the common strategies that exist across biological scales, from
    individual molecular interactions to whole ecosystem energy flow
  • Understand the relationship between structure and function of biological molecules, organisms, and ecosystems

The biology major prepares students for a career or continued study in a wide range of biological disciplines, from traditional fields (medicine, physical therapy) to emerging fields (biophysics, bioinformatics, molecular genetics).

Student Research

The science and medical communities of today rely on large-scale research and treatments that cross disciplines, making it just as important for students to learn how to DO biology as it is for them to gain an understanding of general biological concepts and content. Doane Biology students have a variety of opportunities to conduct research, both with faculty and independently. The Doane biology program is one of the only programs in the state that provides its students the opportunity to take part in an independent capstone research project. Faculty and students are involved with large-scale, collaborative research with universities around the world.

Biology Faculty

Dane Bowder, Associate Professor

Dane Bowder - Associate Professor

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Erin Doyle, Associate Professor

Erin Doyle - Associate Professor

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Tessa Durham Brooks, Professor

Tessa Durham Brooks - Professor

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Brad Elder, Professor

Brad Elder - Professor

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Kate Marley, Professor

Kate Marley - Professor

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Eric Holley, Visiting Assistant Professor

Eric Holley - Visiting Assistant Professor

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