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Chemistry Department

Our goal is to provide you an exceptional undergraduate experience so you graduate with the skills needed, in and out of the work place, to succeed in industry, government, or academia. We provide you with opportunities to develop and practice critical thinking, analytical, ethical, and leadership skills, so you can become a self-reliant professional who can and will make a positive impact on the world.

Our promise to you is to lead you through academic excellence.

  • We will stimulate your pursuit of knowledge starting your first year on campus.
  • We will set high standards and challenge you to meet those expectations.
  • We will welcome individuals from all ethnic backgrounds, ages, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • We will be flexible and meet your individual needs.
  • We will encourage you to gain experience while making a difference in your community through internships and community service projects.
  • We will constantly strive to enhance our own skills, to model our own learning process for you.


Lab Instrumentation

As part of your education at Doane, you will have access to and gain experience working with modern instrumentation, including:

  • Bruker 400 MHz NMR
  • Laser Raman Spectrometer
  • Cary UV-VIS Spectrometers
  • Bruker FTIR
  • Varian GC/MS
  • Varian HPLC
  • Shimadzu Fluorimeter
  • Shimadzu SEM
  • Fluxion Bioflux Microscope
  • Fluorescence Microscope

Chemistry Department Faculty

David Clevette, Professor

David Clevette - Professor

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Chris Huber, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chris Huber - Associate Professor of Chemistry

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