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Practicum Experiences

The pre-service teacher encounters several educational experiences throughout the years in the Doane Teacher Education program.  The following defines each experience and are referred to as Practicums.

Practicum I: Education Courses

The initial phase of the Doane Teacher Education Program includes Education 211/221 and Education 321/341.

 Designing a curriculum based on inclusion is a decision to build to diverse strengths of students to meet the greater group goal. Teachers and students alike can reach and include the children and youth in their classrooms who are of a different gender, class, race, religion, sexual orientation or culture. 

Practicum II: Method Courses

Practicum II methods courses relate to the development of specific competencies related to specialized certification - Methods.  There are special competencies for elementary education, special education, middle school, early childhood, English as a Second Language, and secondary education, which are offered in required courses for each area.  Courses in each area include designing instructional methods, facilitating growth, and understanding of the unique complexities of the content.

Practicum III: Student Teaching

Practicum III is more commonly referred to as student teaching. This is an extended ten to fourteen-week experience in PK-12 settings where each student has primary responsibility for a classroom.  Student teaching follows successful completion of Practicum I & II.  Student teachers are expected to reflect upon their experiences from the perspective of a developing professional.  They are further encouraged to construct their own understandings that encompass the process of teaching and learning.

Practicum IV: Graduate Coursework

Practicum IV is a series of graduate courses (12 credits) taken in the Doane graduate program. These courses are required for certification. These courses are taken in the summer following completion of Practicum III - Student Teaching.  The Practicum IV courses are: Summer Coursework

Practicum V: First Year Teaching

During the first year of teaching, you will receive the benefits of Doane's first year Teacher Support System.  The benefits include:

  • The request by Doane University to the employing school for the appointment of a mentor teacher.
  • An area meeting for first-year teachers to gather to talk and share their experiences with other first-year teachers and Doane faculty or an individual site visit if distance is reasonable.
  • The option to enroll in Beginning Teacher Seminar II, an online course, to assist you during your first year of teaching and to give you an opportunity to discuss and reflect on practices with other first year teachers.
  • The option for an in-person classroom visit will be arranged with the first year teachers.