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The Doane Recycling Program

Doane University now has single stream recycling in all residence halls and soon in all buildings.

What is single stream recycling?

This means that all recycled material goes into a common bin.

How do I recycle?

Recycling is simple, simply crush or collapse any clean recyclable items you have.  Then place them in the designated blue recycling containers.  The containers in dorm rooms and quads just like trash, must be emptied by the students.  Adjacent to every dorm there is an outside brown steel container with a white recycling logo painted on it.  This is the location to place your recycling.  Your trash goes in the unpainted brown steel containers.

What can I recycle?

It is very important that you only recycle those items that are acceptable. 

When can I recycle?

All residence halls have adjacent outside recycle containers that are ready for recycling material.  Further, every dorm room and quads also have a blue recycling bin.  So students can begin recycling immediately.  Academic and administrative buildings will be able to recycle soon.

Where do I recycle?

Adjacent to every building where cycling is currently available is a brown steel trash container with a white recycling logo painted on it.  This is where your recycling should be dumped.  Crushing and collapsing your recycled material ensures that there's enough space for everyone's recyclables.  These bins are empty every Thursday or Friday.