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Open Learning Works For You

Fill in the gaps.

Need science courses for a health-related graduate program or medical school? OLA's course offerings are designed to set you up for success by building a strong foundation for further education and career.

Learn from dedicated faculty.

OLA offers all the benefits of a Doane education, experienced right where you are. Having access to Doane's professors will mean you always have the support you need to succeed.

Learn at Your Pace.

OLA provides full courses in condensed 8 and 16 week terms. You learn the same material on a shorter timeline, so you can complete admission requirements or professional learning credits to meet deadlines.

Decide when you begin.

OLA provides full courses in 8-week or 16-week terms. You can learn the same material on a shorter timeline or over the full semester. Choose which term length works best for you to meet your admission requirements or professional learning credits to meet deadlines.

Start without the hassle.

There's no application required to enroll in OLA courses. Fill out the registration and payment details, and you're ready for class.

Take your credits with you.

OLA credits have been accepted at major learning institutions across the country, including top Ivy League schools. Wherever you're headed, OLA can help get you there.

Want to elevate your career?

Open Learning Academy has designed short-term certificates to help you learn and apply technical and industry concepts in your current role or to give you the confidence to make a career shift.

How Open Learning Works

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Step 1. Check with Your Registrar

OLA credits are accepted at most institutions across the country. Before enrolling, check to confirm with your institution that your course will transfer.

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Step 2. Register for Your Course

You don’t need to submit an application or a transcript to enroll in OLA courses. Simply fill out your registration and payment details and you’re ready to begin.

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Step 3. Get All the Details

Once your registration is complete, you’ll receive information regarding textbooks, computer and email access, WebAdvisor, and Canvas—everything you need to complete your OLA coursework.

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Step 4. Finish in 8 or 16 Weeks

OLA courses are entirely online—even labs—and you complete weekly assignments. Meet the deadlines, earn the credits, and round out your education.

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Step 5. Transfer Your Credits

You can request your transcripts up to 30 days prior to completing your course. Once your final grade is posted your course credits will be released to your institution.

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