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Mail Service

The Service Bureau acts as central receiving for all of the mail at Doane.

Types of Mail


First-class mail from the United States Postal Service is delivered once each morning (except for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) to the Service Bureau, where the mail is sorted and distributed to offices and mailboxes. Daily USPS mail will be distributed by noon, at the very latest, each weekday. If faculty, staff or students receive packages that do not fit in their respective mailboxes, they will receive a notice via their doane email asking them to pick up their package inside the Service Bureau. Outgoing USPS mail may either be placed in the dropbox or in the wire-baskets inside the Service Bureau. The USPS picks up outgoing mail each afternoon (except Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) around 3 p.m.

UPS and FedEx

UPS and FedEx make deliveries to Doane almost every day (except Saturday, Sunday, and holidays). Hours of delivery vary, with the estimated arrival time ranging from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. If faculty, staff or students receive packages via UPS or FedEx, they will be notified via email (not via their campus mailbox) once their package arrives. A person may not send packages via UPS or FedEx, unless they have a prepaid label or a return label. 

Campus Mail

Faculty, staff and students may send mail to other members of the Doane campus through the Service Bureau. To be distributed, campus mail for students requires a name AND mailbox number (we have a list of mailbox assignments within the Service Bureau), while mail for faculty/staff requires only a name. 

More Information About Mail Services


The Service Bureau has the ability to weigh letters and packages to determine the exact postage necessary. Faculty, staff and students can purchase stamps on an individual basis (no booklets or large quantities). 

  • Faculty/Staff have the option of charging work-related mail to their office/department. Personal mail will need to be paid for by cash or check.
  • Students must pay by cash or check for their outgoing mail. No mail can be charged to their student account.

Standard "Bulk" Mailings

Offices and departments have the option to send larger quantities of mail via standard mail (or "bulk" mail). This mail option comes with reduced rates per piece of mail. There are several requirements that must be met before a mailing can be sent via this option:

  • There must be at least 200 pieces of mail
  • All mail must be the exact same weight and size
  • All pieces of mail must be in zip-code order (ascending order is preferred)