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Copy & Print Solutions

The Service Bureau is your go-to for copy and print solutions here at Doane! We can provide the quality service you need, when you need it. We have the equipment and skills to make sure your projects are done right, on time, and on a budget.

Printed Copies

Our copiers are capable of copying in both black & white and full-color. There is an additional cost for copies printed in color.

We offer a variety of paper types and colors for you to choose from when preparing to make copies. If you are unsure what options we have, stop by and visit us - we have mini-booklets at our front counter displaying all of the paper/color options available to you!

Need assistance making copies? We are happy to help you! If you have a copy request, you can either:

  • Bring your request over to the Service Bureau and fill out an order form
  • Submit your print request at

Finishing Services

We offer several options for you to "add" to your copy order. Some of these are services you can include during the copy process, while others are services we provide once the copying is completed.

The finishing options you may choose to add to the instructions of your copy request include:

  • Front Only 
  • Front/Back (a paper-saver for larger documents!)
  • Staple
    • Single staple (top left corner of multi-page document)
    • Double staple (2 staples - centered down the left side of the page. This option is much less common, but some smaller booklets or programs look nice double-stapled.)
  • 3-hole punch 
  • Cutting (indicate how - such as in half, around a border, etc.)
  • Folding (indicate how - such as in half, accordion fold, letter fold, etc.)
  • Binding (both comb and coil bindings available)
  • Laminating (we can only laminate documents 8.5x11 or smaller)
  • Padding (commonly used with NCR copy paper requests or form orders)