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Managing Split Classes in Canvas

In order to facilitate management of due dates for courses that are being split into cohorts to promote physical distancing for face-to-face courses during the COVID-19 pandemic (see split classroom definition here), you may request the creation of sections in your Canvas course.

This will allow you to assign different due dates by attendance cohort for the same assignment. For example, your class is slated to meet on Tu/Th at 11:00 am. If you have an assignment that students need to submit before their physical class meeting for the week, and you have divided your class into a Tuesday cohort and a Thursday cohort, you can set the assignment to be due at 10:59 am for the Tuesday students and 10:59 am for the Thursday students.

Note that these are manual sections in Canvas, and bear no direct relation to the section IDs in Colleague/WebAdvisor. 

This strategy is not intended to facilitate group work. If you need to facilitate group work, please investigate the Groups functions in Canvas.

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