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Lifelong Tigers: Peggy Sandall-Bertrand

From Colleague to Leader: Becoming A New Manager
presented by Peggy Sandall-Bertrand '96

Peggy Sandall-Bertrand

This webinar was recorded on August 20th, 2020.


Description of this Webinar:
This webinar will address the process of moving into management, particularly if the new manager is leading those whom he or she used to work alongside. It will address preparing for the role, adapting to change, and continued success.

Special attention will be paid to the importance of consistency and credibility among employees. It will also focus on pre-existing perceptions and help new managers ensure that their actions are consistent with those that drive respect and results among all employees

Learning Objectives of this Webinar:

  • What changes are needed for new managers (and why consistency is important
  • How to let go of old responsibilities and change certain relationships
  • How to lead and manage when faced with adversity
  • Best practices for continued success

About Peggy Sandall-Bertrand '96:
Peggy Sandall-Bertrand graduated from Doane College in 1996. She has since worked in the employment industry for over 20 years. First as an employment consultant teaching groups interview and employment skills, then as program manager and staffing professional. Currently, she is the Chief Operations Officer for a national staffing company (Advance Services, Inc.). Peggy gets to work with great professionals in the company’s offices as well as clients they love all across the country. She is dedicated to providing her clients with unparalleled customer service and the most qualified employees in the market.