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Lifelong Tigers: Erica Heiden

Aligning Your Time With Your Values
presented by Erica Heiden '07

Erica Heiden


This webinar was recorded on June 25, 2020.


Description of this Webinar:
Everyone has core values—the question is if you're living in alignment with the values that are most important to you. By identifying your core values and taking time to see if you're living in or out of alignment with them, you can live a life that's true to your authentic self.

Learning Objectives of this Webinar:

  • Learn how to identify their core values
  • Learn about tools to cultivate a deeper understanding of those values
  • Identify areas of their lives where they are living in alignment with those values and areas where that could be better aligned with their values

About Erica Heiden '07:
Erica Heiden is a 2007 graduate of Doane College. Following graduation, she has pursued a career in marketing and brand strategy. She is passionate about helping companies understand their customers and delivering insights that drive change. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cycling, and almost always has a craft project or two in progress. She lives in Omaha with her two cats, Rizzo and Alvin.



Erica's Powerpoint Presentation
Please note that there are NOTES attached to each slide to give more context.


7 Steps to Discover Your Personal Core Values by Scott Jeffrey
How to Set Personal Goals for Work and Life That You’ll Actually Achieve by Heather Moulder

Discovering Your Authentic Core Values: A Step by Step Guide by Marc Alan Schelske

Personal Mission Statement (30+ Examples & Writing Guide) by Tom Gerencer
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Own Personal Mission Statement by Andy Andrews
Here's How to Write an Impressive Personal Mission Statement [Examples & Template] by Caroline Forsey

ONLINE ASSESSMENTS (Free) (Free) (Free snapshot; Full report $7)

Inner Compass Values Assessment by Heather Moulder (Free)
Practical Exercises to Work Out Your Values by Holly Hartley ($7)
Core Values Workbook by Dawn Barclay (£5)


Asking Others For Feedback (an example letter):

I’m sending this note to a select few of my close friends and family members because I really value our relationship and your insight.

I’m in the process of identifying my core values as part of my personal growth, and I’d like your help. You see me from outside my head, which means you see me in ways that I don’t get to see myself. If you’re willing to give me some honest feedback on how you experience me that would be a tremendous gift.

I’d like for you to email me a list of things you think motivate me, maybe 3-5 items. These can be positive or negative. They just need to be things that you believe motivate my choices and reactions. And please, tell me the truth.

For example, do you think I’m motivated by family or security or financial gain? What factors have you seen guide me in my relationships or other important choices?

For each one, it would be helpful if you’d give me a keyword or phrase for the motivation (like family or loyalty or “being right”) and then write a few sentences explaining an example you’ve seen with me.

I promise to simply listen to your feedback without defensiveness. I may contact you with some clarifying questions, but I won’t question your experiences or get defensive. I truly want to know the unvarnished truth about how you experience me. If you’re willing to support me in this way, it would be really helpful to get your thoughts back by [provide a deadline].

And if this feels uncomfortable or you don’t have time to do it or really any reason at all, please don’t feel burdened by my request. If you have any questions, please call or email. I’d love to talk about it.