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Doane Alumnifire

The Doane University Office of Alumni Engagement is excited to announce a brand-new, grassroots, online networking community officially launched in February 2023: Doane Alumnifire!

With Alumnifire, Doane alumni will be able to connect with other Doane alumni. They’ll also be able to connect with current students, faculty and staff at Doane, parents, and even community members. Thanks to the optional ability to provide and request services from one another, as well as the ability to search shared experiences like residence halls one lived in, majors of study, clubs and organizations, and so much more—connecting is simpler than ever.

Sign-up is free and you can sign up with your existing Facebook, LinkedIn, or email accounts. If you choose to sign up using your LinkedIn account, certain information in your LinkedIn profile will automatically populate in your Alumnifire profile. Members may contact each other directly, view discussions, browse job listings, events, join groups, and more! You choose how often you wish to volunteer your time and exactly how you want to help. 

We encourage you to join Doane Alumnifire today!



Alumnifire FAQ

Why should I join?

Connecting with others who have the same shared experience(s) as you is always fulfilling, first and foremost. But joining Doane Alumnifire also provides the ability to access a heatmap, find or offer jobs, participate in groups, find event information, and so, so much more!

I’m connected to Doane in more than one capacity… What’s the best identifier when signing up?

This is a tremendous question! Alumni and students have more extensive access across the board than parents, employees, and community members. Here’s a breakdown of priority when signing up, as well as some examples. If you’re an alum, always prioritize alumni status first (even if you hold other identifiers currently, such as Doane employee, current student, AND/OR Doane parent). For instance…  If you’re a current student, sign up as a student (simple!); If you’re a current student but already hold a Doane degree, prioritize your Doane alumni status; If you’re a current Doane employee who also is a Doane alum, prioritize your Doane alumni status; if you’re a Doane parent currently but also a Doane alum, prioritize your Doane alumni status.

Why is the sign-up process so lengthy?!

"Good things come to those who wait," you've probably heard. The reason signing up for Doane Alumnifire may take more time than you expected can directly be attributed to the sheer amount of details that will help you search and make connections (or reconnect) with people who shared a club, sport, Greek group, residence hall, reunion year, etc. with you. We promise the payoff will be worth it, so please don't lose interest! Also, you can always add more information to your profile at any time—so if you're short on time, break the process up if needed!

What is “Tiger Talk Advocacy”?

Doane’s “Tiger Talk” program was born out of a desire by Dr. Roger Hughes ’82, Doane’s president, to ensure all current undergraduate students have an advocate to speak with from their field of study. Alumni can designate “Tiger Talk advocacy” as one of the services they provide, and Doane’s students will be able to select from anyone offering this service to speak one-on-one with and gain helpful insight about career interest, career trajectory, skills of value, potential internships, and so much more. Students will be provided with an outline of talking points, but the connection and follow-through will fall entirely on them.
Email with any additional questions!

Does Doane Alumnifire have an app?

No, Alumnifire currently does not have a dedicated app. However, the platform is helpful and looks great on all devices—desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

If someone contacts me on Alumnifire, do I need to be logged in to access their message?

No! Thankfully, you can arrange to receive messages to your email account and/or to your phone via text message. Links are provided to log in and respond. It’s that easy!

If I am an alum of Doane’s Lincoln campus, Omaha location, former Grand Island location, or online… am I still welcome to sign up?

YES! In fact, we encourage it. While Alumnifire may be tailored more for traditional undergraduate students of Doane, your lived experience and Doane connection remain equally as important and valuable in terms of Tiger Talk Advocacy, job postings, and more.

I wasn't automatically approved for the platform, what do I do?

Fear not! All emails ending with are automatically approved. However, we know that many alumni, parents, and community members either move away from their Doane emails or never had one to begin with. All emails that we have for individuals in our database—Doane or otherwise—were preapproved, but there’s a chance we haven’t heard from you for a while and are lacking your preferred email. One of our Doane Alumni Office staff members will manually approve you with your new email address within a few days' time. In the meantime, consider updating your contact information at

Can I create my own groups?

Of course! If you’ve reviewed the current groups in existence and don’t see one for your group, class, organization, or other affiliation, you can either create that group on your own or message the Alumni Office via Alumnifire to request they set one up for you.

Is my information public for anyone on the platform to see?

Sort of, but not really. Certain things, like your physical address, email address, phone number, and more are hidden. If someone messages you, they’ll connect with you via email or text without knowing your exact email address or phone number. However, your estimated residence/location will appear on a heat map (without a full address).

My club/organization/alumni group is listed, what do I do?

We do apologize for this. Cleaning up data for the platform was a process, and we may have eliminated something by mistake. Message the Doane Alumni account on Alumnifire and let us know what’s missing!

Why am I receiving so many text messages from Alumnifire?

You probably selected text messages for all newly posted events, additions to the feed, etc. If you're overwhelmed, you may want to log on and adjust your settings within Alumnifire.