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Doane Phytomorph

Development of a Scanner-Based system for phenomics research in arabidopsis



  • We've developed a system for collection of high-resolution, high-throughput image series of seedling responses to gravity using readily available scanner technology.
  • We have documented the methods we've developed to enable other labs to mimic this methodology for their own research and education goals.
  • By illustrating the scale of research that can be conducted at an undergraduate institution such as Doane, we hope to inspire others to develop projects and curriculum that engage undergraduates in meaningful research experiences.

This lab has just completed collecting over 14,000 individual responses of root tips to gravity stimulus from a set of Arabidopsis recombinant inbred lines, and is working on constructing a map of genetic loci correlated with root tip angle development during the progression of the gravitropic response over six conditions.

Over twenty students have worked on the project since it began in 2009 and most have taken on independent projects related to the larger data collection effort.