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Anonymous Crime, Threats or Student Concern Report Form

You may use this report form to submit an anonymous report to the Public Safety Office.  Please keep in mind, our ability to follow-up and investigate this report is based on the information provided.  If you submit the report without leaving your contact information, we may be limited in our proactive response if you leave out vital information.  However, the University will enter this report information to our reporting database as appropriate.  If at any time you wish to submit a full report to a staff member, do not hesitate to contact us at one of the following options.

Note: If this is a crime or incident that is in-progress or requires immediate attention please call 911 or (402)826-8669.

Phone/Text: (402)826-8669


Facebook: Public Safety Office - Doane

In-Person: Basement of Communications

Please be as detailed as possible.