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Future Tigers Program Benefits

It's never too early to instill Tiger pride in a child. Share your Doane legacy with the children in your life by enrolling them in our Future Tigers program. Your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and cousins will love receiving Doane-themed gifts each fall and a special greeting on their birthday. When they near the end of their high school years, we will share their information with the Office of Admissions.  Your Future Tiger will be contacted by Doane when it's time to consider higher education options.

Family Benefits:

Your Future Tiger will receive a new, age-appropriate gift each August/September. Please note: gifts are not retroactive.

  • Pennant - Upon registration, you and your loved one will receive a Doane Pennant, commemorating your time at the College on the Hill.
  • Baby Bib - Infants will receive an adorable bib to show off their Tiger spirit during mealtime.
  • Magnetic Picture Frame - The ability to showcase your Doane pride and your adorable baby has never been easier. This decorative picture frame helps capture your baby's moments of wonder and delight.
  • Tiger (Stuffed Animal) - Tiny tots will enjoy a plush tiger toy honoring Thomas the Tiger, our beloved mascot.
  • Giant Kazoo - Toddlers will love humming along to their favorite Doane song, "Merrill Will Ring Tonight," with their new kazoo.
  • Coloring Tote - Young children will love customizing their colorable tote and carrying around their favorite books and toys.
  • Shoe Laces - Doane laces are the perfect item to excite kids about learning to tie their own shoes.
  • Lunch Bag - Kids will start school in style with their Future Tiger lunch bag.
  • Frisbee - Children will love getting some fresh air as they toss their Doane frisbee back and forth.
  • Sunglasses - These orange and black shades will not only provide relief during those hot Nebraska summers, but Doane Legacy children will be prepared for a bright future.
  • Calculator - Math homework will be way more fun with a cool, flexible gel calculator.
  • Jump Rope - Students will be excited to exercise outside with this one of a kind jump rope. 
  • Collapsible Water Bottle - This convenient water bottle is ideal for young athletes to bring to sporting events and outdoor activities.
  • Magnetic Chalkboard - The magnetic chalkboard gift will help kids keep to-do lists or leave messages for their best friends.
  • Tech Tattoos - Our tech tattoos let middle school students display their Doane pride on all of their electronic devices.
  • Money holder and kickstand - Stick this money holder to your phone for easy access to cash while also using the kickstand to watch your favorite video clips.
  • Earbuds - Teens can stay tuned-in and charged-up wherever they go with the Doane earbuds and charger set.
  • Lanyard Key Chain - Teenagers will never lose their keys or student IDs, thanks to the Doane lanyard they'll receive.
  • Birthday Cards - Our Future Tigers will also receive a special greeting from us during their birthday month.

For more information on the Future Tiger Program, contact Asst. Director of Alumni Engagement Michael Stehlik at