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Meet the 2022 Tigers On Tour!

Riley Reyes, Tigers on Tour

Riley Reyes ’24 (Wichita, Kansas)

School Activities: I am majoring in Graphic Design. My involvement at Doane includes Sigma Phi Theta fraternity, Tiger Baseball, Doane Ambassadors, and Tigers on Tour.
Future Plans: I plan on working for companies creating and designing logos, layouts, and web designs.
Interesting Fact: Several fun facts about myself are that I enjoy partaking in a lot of trivia, I collect comic books and records/vinyls, and have a lot of fun stories!
Pets: I have two dogs and a turtle. My eldest dog is named Drake and he is a Morkie. My youngest pup is Benny and he is a Westipoo. Finally, my pet turtle's name is Lightning.
Favorite Snack: My favorite candies are Reeses and Snickers, and I also love Cheez-its!
How I Spend My Free Time: In my free time I like to play video games and draw.
Tiger Tidbit: I came to Doane to play baseball and to leave my hometown as I sought out more opportunities out of state. One thing I enjoy about Doane is the people you meet here as everyone tends to be super polite and welcoming. One last thing I enjoy about Doane was that it has helped me grow as a person.

Rocco Nevells, Tigers on Tour

Justin "Rocco" Nevells ’24 (Chugiak, Alaska)

School Activities: I am an Excercise Science and Health Sciences double-major with a minor in Strength and Conditioning. I play 3rd base for Doane's baseball team, am a member of the Delta Kappa Pi fraternity, I am the secretary of the Spanish Club, I am a Community Advisor, and I am the Vice President of the Student-Athlete Leadership Team.
Future Plans: My goal is to go to grad school to become a Physician's Assistant after graduating from Doane.
Interesting Fact: I have hiked the Chilkoot trail, which is a 33-mile trail in southeast Alaska that prospective gold miners hiked in hopes of getting rich. I am also an Eagle Scout. 
Pets: I have a fancy goldfish named Buddy Jr.
Favorite Snack: My favorite snack is either Gushers or Fruit by the Foot because they make me feel like a kid.
How I Spend My Free Time: In my free time you can find me outside doing just about anything from hiking or fishing to hammocking by the lake on a hot day.
Tiger Tidbit: What keeps me wanting to come back to Doane each year are the great people that make up the students and faculty/staff of the university. At Doane, I have only met people who genuinely want to be involved with the school and with helping me succeed in all of my endeavors. It's such a personal experience.

Robb Foote, Tigers on Tour

Robb Foote ’24 (Hastings, Nebraska)

School Activities: I am majoring in Business Administration. My involvement at Doane includes Sigma Phi Theta, the Directions Leadership Program, and formerly Tiger Baseball.
Future Plans: I plan to join the workforce after college in my desired field, either by returning to the Ace Hardware my family has or by pursuing my own career path.
Interesting Fact: I’m Robert Foote the 4th, and I played baseball for more than half my life.
Pets: I have a dog named Molly, and she's 10 years old.
Favorite Snack: Chocolate pretzels, because it's my two favorite snacks combined in one!
How I Spend My Free Time: I like to golf, watch tv/movies, and longboard!
Tiger Tidbit: I came to Doane originally to play baseball. I knew a lot about Doane already since my brother (Jared Foote ’19) had attended prior to me. I have grown to love the Doane family and the small campus, as it allows you to get to know the people you are around each and every day.