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Our documentation provides friendly guides covering the essentials of research computing.

  • CCLA Documentation 
    This Guide includes detailed introductions to the Linux Command Line Interface, Version Control with Git, Data Transfer with Globus software, and much more.

Good for programmers of all levels, these self-guided sites, resource collections, references, and applications can be helpful at home or on the go!

Multi-Language Support

  • Codecademy
    Codecademy is an online code-learning platform with interactive tutorials in over 12 computer languages.
  • SoloLearn
    SoloLearn provides a collection of over 1400 lessons across a variety of languages and topics. It is available on any device via Google Play, the App Store, or any Web Browser so you have access to everything anywhere.
  • Software Carpentry
    This site has tutorials for beginners, from shell commands and scripting, to visualization techniques in Python and R.
  • Tutorials Point
    A huge collection of computer language tutorials and associated labs.
  • Udemy
    Choose from over 100,000 online video courses with new additions published every month. Udemy has a great selection of computer language courses, such as Python and JavaScript.

Specialized Language Support

  • Programming with PythonPython has become a very versatile science language able to handle large data supported by a large group of contributors and users.
  • Hacking with Python
    Need another fun and exiting way to learn Python? Comparitech has created a cool guide to learning Python in the context of ethical hacking.
  • Version Control with Git/GitHub
    Keeping track of different versions of files can be a difficult task. Git does it for you. Learn how to set up an account and start using this powerful tool.


Unix/Linux Shell Support

  • Explain Shell
    This site allows you to type (or paste) in shell commands to get an explanation of the components.

  • Getting started with the Unix Shell
    This will help you understand what the Unix shell is and how it is used. Moving through folders on your computer, finding and editing files, plus the basic structure of data manipulation will be covered. Finally, the structure of loops and scripts will be included.
  • Unix Grymoire
    This site provides simple, yet in-depth, help to take your shell literacy to the next level.