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Pre-Law Advising Program

College of Arts and Sciences

Location: Lincoln, Omaha, Online, Crete
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Students considering law school should talk with the Pre-Law Advisor early in their education to learn more about law school, the legal profession as a whole, and to receive guidance as to the application process, admissions requirements and LSAT.

The Pre-Law Advising Program is available to help develop an academic plan unique to the student’s selected major, interests, and one designed to develop the specific skills needed by that student to prepare for success in law school. Students should make an appointment with the Pre-Law Advisor if they are considering a legal career, even if they are not yet confident they want to attend law school.

Pre-law advising is available to any student at Doane University, regardless of their academic program.

The Pre-Law Advisor is also available to provide information on potential 3:3 programs for eligible students. A 3:3 program allows the student to complete three years of undergraduate education, followed by three years of law school. The student receives their degree from Doane University after successful completion of the first year curriculum in a participating law program.

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Special events for Doane University students are held at local law schools during the academic year.  At these events, students traditionally observe classes and attend panel discussions by first-year students and Doane alumni who are currently enrolled in law school. Students also have the opportunity to meet with law school admissions, administration and faculty.

Additionally, meetings are held throughout the academic year through the pre-law student organization and the Pre-Law Advisor to assist students in the LSAT preparation and law school application process. Students are encouraged to attend presentations by local attorneys and law professors on campus and within the larger community, to learn more about the practice of law as a whole, as well as individual areas of practice.  Doane University is able to assist students in obtaining job shadowing, internship and externship opportunities within the legal field.


The American Bar Association does not recommend any specific undergraduate programs or courses to prepare for a legal education. The American Bar Association has recommended that students take a “broad range of difficult courses from demanding instructors” to prepare for the rigor of law school and the dynamic nature of the practice of law. Majors such as pre-law, English, philosophy, history and political science are considered traditional preparatory programs; however, students are admitted into law schools from nearly every undergraduate discipline. Undergraduate students are, however, encouraged to take courses that will build analytical, research and writing skills; skills essential to a successful legal practice.

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