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Succeeding at Move-In Day

Check your Doane Email and eRezLife account for: 

  • Hall/Room Assignments 
  • Roommate Assignments 
  • Move-In Time Slot
    • It is important that you arrive during your time slot, and follow directions given by students and professional staff members across campus!
  • Doane University offers multiple programs that require different move-in dates. Please make sure you check your Doane email for your exact date and time slot. 

View our Move-In Day Traffic Plan (map)

  • Iris Street will be the only entrance. 
  • Boswell Street will be a one-way, exit only.
  • Residential Students will be checking in at Haddix. 

Preparing for Move-In Day

Here are some things you can do to have a smooth start to your Move-In Day. 

Complete Paperwork 

  • Complete Meal and Payment Plan forms
  • Return Health Forms
  • Fill out additional Athlete forms (if applicable)
  • Sign up for a Free Parking Permit
  • Register for Campus Emergency Alerts

Pack the Day Before

In order to make sure everything fits, you'll need patience, planning and creativity. Save yourself the stress, and pack your car the day before. 

Check out our list of what to bring to campus.

Get Your Keys

Room and Mailbox keys will be handed out at the Residential Life and Education Table during check-in. Don't lose them! These keys are the only way to access your room and mailbox.

ID Cards

First year students have the option of submitting a photo for their student ID card. The photo must meet size, quality and appearance requirements. Check your Doane email account for more details. 

Please note: Only photos sent from a DOANE email account are accepted, photos received from a parent or student's non-Doane email will not be accepted.