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Leadership Emphasis

Encourages students to implement effective coaching, communication, and managerial methods in supervisory roles. The Leadership emphasis prepares emerging leaders by immersing them in the context and applications of leadership. This emphasis is applicable across all industries and management and leadership roles.

Complete the following courses:

BUS 609 Leadership in Political, Social, & Economic Contexts (3)
A course examining leadership and change in 20th century America and the effect these changes have had on industry and the management of profit-seeking and non-profit organizations. Particular emphasis is given to the shift from a manufacturing economy to one centered on the service sector and information sharing. Students learn the role that leaders have played in various social, political, economic, and intellectual movements, and how those movements, in part, shape the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders today.

BUS 620 Managing Change (3)
A course examining the processes of innovation and transformation as leadership activities that focus on planned, purposeful, and consciously directed change. Students develop the confidence to act as initiators of change and the ability to envision and choose effective paths of change. Through exploration of theories of change, technology, organizational behavior, and human behavior, students develop skills and knowledge that enable them to respond creatively and effectively to a diverse range of situations and minimize the organizational and human stress created by a change effort.

BUS 622 Leadership in Organizations (3)
An exploration of the concept of leadership using various theoretical and scholarly views, approached with a view to application. Students will learn to distinguish between leaders and managers from both role and task perspectives. Through examination of established and emerging leadership theories, students will develop an understanding of the role of leaders as visionaries, team builders, and change agents.