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Facemask Guidance

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Due to recently released guidance from the CDC on COVID-19 and airborne transmission, Doane would like to remind you of the current mask policy that requires faculty and staff to wear facemasks at all times when indoors. Previously, front-facing staff that work behind Plexiglas, were not required to wear masks unless someone came up to the glass or was within 6 feet. However, based on this new guidance and in an effort to further protect our students, faculty and staff, staff will now need to wear facemasks at all times, even when behind plexiglas. (Faculty/staff within their own offices do not need to wear a mask when alone in their offices if they remove and store it properly).

We thank you for your cooperation with the health and safety policies. Overall, our faculty and staff have done a tremendous job at following safe practices and you are making a difference! #TigersTogether

Thank you, Human Resources