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Doane Meetings and Events

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We have a new event approval process in place, temporarily, due to COVID-19. All Doane employees will be required to complete this form for any Doane meetings/events happening on or off campus, whether they are in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two.

Please complete the new form at least 14 days prior to your event. Once the form has been submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure that safety measures are being implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19. The Risk Assessment Events Committee will be involved with reviewing and making recommendations for special events. The person submitting the form will receive an email letting them know once the event is approved.

Links to the Faculty/Staff Request Form on the Events & Conference Planning page of the Doane website have been updated to the new form. If you had the previous form bookmarked, it should now redirect you to the new form.

Thank you and stay safe

Samuel Morris