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Adjunct Faculty Checklist

Section 1: Before Your First Day

The following are due 3 business days after your start date.

Section 2: Complete with an HR Rep

Section 3: Other Resources

  • Read the Employee Handbook. The Handbook governs conditions of employment at Doane University. Employees must abide by the policies contained in the Handbook.
  • Read the Faculty Handbook. Available via Google Docs accessed with your Doane Email. The Faculty Handbook is designed to supply information concerning faculty structure and general operating procedures of the University. The Colleges' catalog supplements it for academic information. The Study Handbook for students information, and the Employee Handbook.
  • FERPA Training Course
  • Visit WebAdvisor. After your first paycheck, WebAdvisor will allow you to view your employment history, including electronic pay vouchers and profile information. WebAdvisor has other uses, such as W2 forms and retention alert.
  • Keys, Parking Tags, and ID Cards
    • Crete Campus Only: The Safety Office will provide you with your keys, parking tag, and ID card. Complete the Employee Parking Form, for your parking tag and bring the form to the Safety Office, located in Padour Walker.
    • Lincoln, Grand Island, and Omaha Campuses: Your supervisor will assist you with getting any keys you need. Parking tags and Employee ID's are not needed on these campuses.