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Event and Conference Planning

Event and Conference Planning

Welcome to Doane University!

The 300-acre campus of Doane University in Crete offers your group up-to-date facilities set within a beautifully landscaped environment. Whether you want to serve 10 or 325, Doane University can provide the right kind of space, delicious meals, recreational facilities and the technology you need. From business meetings or receptions to extended overnight conferences, Doane Event Services staff will work with you to coordinate all the details to make your event a success.

Planning Events and Activities

We encourage students and student organizations to consult with a team member from the Office of Student Experience prior to planning on-campus activities.
Event restrictions will be based on current directed health measures by the state of Nebraska, local health restrictions from Public Health Solutions and restrictions based on Doane’s risk dial, and current circumstances on campus. All events will require students to check-in or scan their ID to identify those in attendance for contact tracing purposes.
Due to state guidelines and under our temporary COVID-19 events policy, any in-person gathering and event on-campus must be first approved by the Events Review Committee. This applies for faculty/staff and students.
Students and employees who are planning events, including in person, virtual, or hybrid events, must complete an event request form at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Event planners should be prepared to provide detailed information on how they will mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as they complete the form. All events will go through an approval process by either the employee or student COVID-19 Events Review Committee. Event planners should not promote their event until they receive approval from the appropriate committee. All event approvals are conditional and may be modified based on changes in the risk dial.

External Events
In our efforts to reduce community spread and transmission of COVID-19, all residential students are asked to keep university activity on campus. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and to reserve campus space for our students and employees, Doane University will continue to decline opportunities to host external events on any of our campuses until we are in green on the risk dial.

As employees and students plan events, the following should be considered:
  • Due to reduced capacities and because it’s the safest option, virtual events should be held whenever possible.
  • Food Guidance:
    • Allow pre-packaged (by the manufacturer), single-serving food items (i.e. a mini bag of chips, popsicles, etc.) at events.
    • No buffets or items brought from home.
    • Food should be distributed by individuals wearing masks and gloves.
    • Any individual consuming the food at the event should be six feet away from others.
    • No shared utensils.
    • Events contracted through Sodexo will follow Sodexo protocol for the safe handling of food.
    • If food will be provided through Sodexo, the number of catering staff needed to manage is to be considered when determining the capacity of an event.
  • A back up plan should be in place for outdoor activities in case of inclement weather.
  • Use of the COVID-19 Event Kit should be expected and checked out from the Office of Student Experience prior to all events.
  • Classrooms and meeting rooms are set up to accommodate social distancing and furniture should not be moved. If a special set up is needed, Event Services will assist upon request.
  • Individuals from the same household unit will be able to be seated/occupy space without a minimum of six feet social distancing.
  • Consider how many staff will be required to manage the event under the event’s protocols. This includes staff that will share designated attendee space during the event.
  • Adequate staff must be in place to effectively manage the facility during the event to include enforcement of these protocols, but without excessive staff to crowd rooms or registration areas.

Members of the Doane community will follow these guidelines when the university is in the yellow or orange section of the risk dial. Guidelines may be reevaluated should the risk dial move into either the green or red section

Event Request Forms:

Student-run Event

Faculty/Staff Internal Event

External Event

Please submit your event request form:

At least two weeks prior to event start time.
If you are planning a major event that requires multiple rooms, special set up, audio visual equipment and/or other resources, please contact the Event Services Office at least 60 days prior to your event start date.
To cancel an event, please contact the Event Services office at (402) 826-8226 or email

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