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Physics & Engineering Department

Physics & Engineering Department

The Doane Department of Physics and Engineering is committed to improving health and sustainability, increasing technological awareness, and advancing engineering and physics education and technology for the Crete community, the state of Nebraska, and the world. We look to provide solutions for both business and community needs, while ensuring students' education is enhanced by real-world problem solving. The future of STEM education relies on a collaborative effort between industry and academia to provide the next generation engineers with the skills, knowledge, professionalism, and networking ability necessary to thrive.


Engineering focuses on using the tools of science and mathematics to solve real world problems. It is intrinsically interdisciplinary, involving knowledge from the natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics informed by an understanding of the social and cultural context a problem solution must be provided.

Enrollment and Graduate Data - Engineering

Year # of Freshmen # of Sophomores # of Juniors # of Seniors # of Graduates
2020-21 24 14 22 16 10
2019-20 12 23 13 6 6
2018-19 14 14 3 3 1
2017-18 12 4 2 1 0
2016-17 3 1 0 0 0

Dual Degree Engineering Program

With our Dual Degree Engineering Program, students are able to earn a Bachelors in a non-engineering major at Doane University, and a Bachelors in Engineering from any school accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Exam Credit

Beginning in the summer of 2021, the Mathematics and Data Analytics Department will be instituting a new policy where students can earn credit for Calculus by passing an exam. For more information, view the informational flyer here.

Physics & Engineering Faculty