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Travel Scholarship

Travel Scholarship


Available to all students at the School of Arts and Sciences. The scholarship can be applied to 1 or 2 eligible trips. It is optional, but highly encouraged.


Available to all juniors and seniors.

When you enroll as a first-year student, Doane will provide up to $1,000 for travel course expenses during your junior and senior years. Vouchers for transfer students are pro-rated by the number of semesters students will have attended Doane.

Renewability & Repayment

Available for up to $1,000.

The Travel Scholarship can be applied to one or two eligible trips.

The Travel Scholarship is optional, but highly encouraged.


You will select your trip from a listing of approved trips during the May interterm. 

Study tours sponsored by other colleges may also be eligible, and the funds may be applied toward expenses for semester or year-long study abroad opportunities.