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The Writing Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a welcoming, caring space where writers of any kind in the Crete campus community, at any stage of the process, with any writing project can have a conversation about their work with a writing consultant who can help facilitate a discussion and offer constructive feedback in a one-with-one setting. Our hope is to address not only your short-term writing concerns, but to become part of your development as a writer. Bring anything, from an idea in your head or an outline to a complete draft.

The Doane University Writing Center Mission Statement: The Writing Center serves all members of the Doane community by creating and supporting a culture of writing.
Why? Writing is an individual process in many ways, but it's one that benefits from a supportive community. Talking through your writing with a consultant can help make you more conscious of your own writing, revising, and editing power. Consultants are trained undergraduate students, sophomores through seniors, from a variety of disciplines, interests, and backgrounds.


Where? Come visit us in the Communications Building, Room 144: the center is located in its own cozy, private space within the Learning Commons inside Perkins Library. You can also follow us on multiple platforms: InstagramTwitter, & Facebook.

How? Drop-ins are welcome, but preference is given to writers with an appointment. To make an appointment, visit our scheduling system at, and sign in using your Doane email address. You'll need to register in the system on your first visit to the site. If you are using a screen-reader that cannot access the schedule, please email so that we can personally schedule appointments at your convenience.

When? Our schedule this semester

Monday to Thursday         3–5 p.m. & 7–9 p.m.


The Doane University Writing Center is affiliated with state, regional, and international professional organizations, participating in scholarship and development opportunities each year. Visit the Nebraska Writing Centers Consortium (, the Midwest Writing Centers Association (, and the International Writing Centers Association ( for more information.


Doane University Writing Center Mission Statement


The Doane University Writing Center serves all members of the Doane community by creating and supporting a culture of writing.


General Outcomes


We seek:  

  • to create welcoming environments where writers can get individualized attention, access to resources, and guided conversations about writing

  • to facilitate writers’ development at any stage of growth and any stage of the composition process

  • to foster communities of writers

  • to cultivate writers’ independence as agents navigating series of choices

  • to contribute to consultants’ professional and scholarly development


Diversity and Inclusion Statement & Outcomes


The Doane University Writing Center celebrates diversity and inclusion by acknowledging humanity in others and navigating difference as a necessary process for all communities. We welcome writers of all identities, including but not limited to sex, gender identity, religious beliefs or lack thereof, sexual orientation, political persuasion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, ability status (including writing ability), immigration status, national origin, language, socioeconomic status, body type, and personal history. We are committed to rejecting rhetoric of bigotry and hate, and we are committed to resisting individual and structural oppression to create a safer, more inclusive, and more just university for all. We seek:

  • to create multiple and varied channels of access to our services
  • to respect and affirm difference as it manifests, whether through linguistic, identity, interpersonal, or other markers

Write It Down

As practicing writers, the staff of the DU Writing Center engages in their own writing projects. The Write It Down series is a space for the staff to practice using writing to remember and document noteworthy narratives in Doane and writing center history.