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Research Assistance

Research Assistance

Research Help Office Hours

Drop in to a Zoom meeting to ask your research questions! The Zoom waiting room will be enabled to allow one-on-one interactions, so there may be a short wait time.

  • Available Fall & Winter 2020: August 23 - December 3
  • Sunday, 6pm - 9pm (CST)
  • Thursday, 5pm - 8pm (CST)
  • Session Link

One-on-One Consultations

Sometimes you need a little extra help to find just the right information for your research project. That's why we're here! The librarians in Perkins Library will give you one-on-one reference assistance so you can find the best information available to impress your professor.

To make an appointment, contact the subject specialist for your course:

Jayne Germer
Business & Economics, Education, EDD, MA - Management, MBA, Social Sciences, Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC)
Schedule an appointment with Jayne

Cali Biaggi
Fine Arts & Humanities, Archives, Sciences, IDS, Pre-Med, RN-BSN
Schedule an appointment with Cali

If possible:

  1. Please share the original assignment instructions, your research topic, and any specific questions you have; and
  2. Give the librarian at least 24 hours to prepare for your meeting