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Education 211/221

Education 211/221

The student assisting in Education 211 and 221 is based upon the instruction given by the K-12 classroom teacher and college instructor to whom students are assigned. These assisting experiences are meant to provide exploratory activities for students to develop an interest in and commitment to teaching.

Seminar Topics:

  • Group Development
  • Lesson Design
  • Technology Exploration
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Classroom Management
  • Nebraska's State Standards
  • Ethical Issues in Education
  • Developing a Philosophy of Teaching
  • Historical/Philosophical Foundations in Education
  • Reflection on personal and professional skills in teaching and developing a portfolio
  • Goal Development
  • Multicultural Curriculum
  • Creating a Safe Environment
  • Assessment
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Current Educational Context
  • Developing and understanding of classroom diversity
  • Establishing a successful classroom environment

Clinical Field Experience

  • Individual students are assigned to serve as student assistant approximately five hours per week (70 hours/semester) to the classroom teacher for tutoring, leading small group activities, and whole group instruction.
  • Student teachers video taped lessons and is evaluated by faculty members and cooperating teachers.
  • Promotes observation of and participation in common experiences in classroom activities.
  • Aids student in deciding if he/she wishes to enter the teaching profession.
  • Students are assigned to a classroom corresponding to their major.
  • Experience is designed to aid students in relating the knowledge developed through the seminar to the classroom experience.

Multicultural/Equity Experience

  • Each student is required to complete two multicultural activities.
  • Activities relate to cultural diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, and equity.
  • Participate in annual multicultural fair.
  • Two additional cultural activities focusing on the Doane school community is required.